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System for transparent test sequences with continuous logging (optionally network-enabled).

Different function elements (e.g. magnetic strip, chip, visual features, user input) can be tested and compared in one operation. The automatic card draw-in function guarantees user-independent results. Test modules for customised chip cards/visual features can also be integrated. Security-relevant data remains protected.

An overview of the Rinas analysis system QMA:

  • According to ISO/IEC 7811 and ISO/IEC 10373 norms
  • HICO and LOCO in one device
  • Checks the encoding of the magnetic strip
  • Logs measure data and test results in a logfile
  • During analysis, the user cannot manipulate the card


  • Checking a visual feature
  • Checking a chip function
  • Network connection
  • Connection to a barcode reader
  • Rinas USZ switching box for connecting several devices to one control system